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Increase storage efficiency with industrial shelving and automated retrieval systems

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Manufacturers and warehouse operators really are spoilt for choice when it comes to industrial storage solutions, so here Ferret.com.au looks at four solutions designed to maximise floor utilisation and provide safer order picking.

First up, Sydney-based storage system supplier Storage Ideas offers a wide range of Colby storage products to suit all warehouse, warehouse storage and materials handling needs.

These warehouse and racking solutions are designed to cater for various loads, shapes and sizes, while enabling maximal use of storage space. They can easily be configured to suit the requirements of any warehouse space, enabling quick and efficient access to stock.

The Colby range available from Storage Ideas is extensive, including products such as:
  • pallet rack shelving
  • double deep pallet racks
  • narrow aisle shelving systems
  • cantilever racks
  • raised storage areas; and
  • workbenches.
Also hailing from New South Wales, Spacepac Industries has supplied and installed a wide range of shelving and pallet racking systems throughout Australia.

The company states that its shelving and racking offers a number of benefits, including:
  • extra load capacity
  • multifunction design to match user requirements
  • special material for cool room applications; and
  • poly racking to suit wet area applications.
When it comes to loading and unloading stock from a warehouse storage system, national storage distributor Schaefer Store offers a solution for pallet retrieval which the company says can reduce handling times by up to 50% when compared to normal drive-in systems.

The Schaefer Orbiter is a 1500kg capacity, remote pallet storage/retrieval device with a retrieval speed of 1m/second. An added benefit of this system is that it eliminates the requirement for expensive specialty forklifts as any model of truck can be used with the Schaefer Orbiter system.

For facilities that deal with smaller, more frequent orders and a wide range of product variants, systems integrator and product specialist Dematic has introduced a new integrated robotic layer picking system that is designed to build pallets smarter and safer.

This system combines an advanced robotic layer picker with patented software to enable the system to operate at efficiency rates of up to 150% and, in some cases, eliminate as much as 80% of manual handling. It is also designed to build pallets intelligently, placing heavier goods at the bottom and lighter goods on the top.

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