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PLC based Ethernet I/O system

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FAST Automation has available I/O units that map their I/O directly to Omron PLC CPU memory, suitable for cost effective distributed Ethernet I/O systems.

The I/O units have 28+ digital I/O and 10+ analogue I/O. A simple PC program allows setting of the IP address and OMRON PLC memory areas via serial port with no more programming for communication to the I/O required.

The units then synchronise their I/O directly into the OMRON PLC memory areas selected. No extra learning for coding and communications is required.

Ladder logic allows users to create large distributed I/O systems, making the units suitable for quickly implementing low I/O applications.

Widely available connectors and cables (Ethernet) are used, making installation quick and cheap. Existing infrastructure can also be employed as can other standard hardware, which may allow cost effective alternatives to be used such as wireless communications to remote units, data storage, serve web pages and send email.

The units were developed for distributed I/O applications that needed to be cheap and programmed via Omron PLC's using existing Ethernet communications infrastructure.

The solution is based on Z-worlds BL2000 and BL2010 Ethernet controllers. These controllers use industrial type PLC digital I/O and have up to 12 bit analogue resolution. They have various I/O configurations and accept a wide range of power supplies.

If required the controllers can also be user programmed in C to perform custom tasks such as driving an LCD, scanning keyboards, and sending SMS.

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