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imPower axial brushless motors available from Fasco Marathon Electric

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article image imPower axial BLDC motors available from Fasco Marathon Electric

The imPower models are the first axial brushless motors offered by Fasco Marathon Electric .

Designed for use in commercial and domestic pumping applications including swimming pools, spas, water tanks and pressure tanks, these motors offer multiple speeds which enable pumps to run slower and consume less energy while still having the ability to run at full speed if required by the application.

The speed control in these brushless motors requires no electronic or programming knowledge. The three speeds are user defined and set at the factory. The speed is changed by pushing the speed control buttons or alternatively the motor speed can be varied by digital inputs.

In a pool application the motors are able to run at one of three speeds selectable by the user, corresponding with three typical pool pumping functions. Full speed is used for vacuuming, backwash and where high flow is required. For quiet, low power, low cost filtering the minimum speed is used while medium speed provides a good balance between low and high.

Because of their axial flush brushless-DC, permanent magnet design, the ImPower brushless motors are inherently more efficient than conventional PSC motors. The Axial Flux motors use significantly less material, are lighter and more compact compared to standard induction motors.

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