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Tackling the issue of hot summer conditions in food manufacturing and processing

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article image Fanquip’s IP56 stainless steel fan

Australian fan and air movement specialist recommends their IP56-rated food-grade stainless steel air circulators for use in the food processing sectors especially during the summer months.

Summer conditions in the food processing sector can bring hidden problems, especially if the business has been operating with old fans for a long period of time.

Fanquip , which has specialist divisions in most industry ventilation sectors including food processing, notes that this industry sector can cost-effectively cope with changed conditions during summer by employing food-grade stainless steel air circulators.

Fanquip’s stainless steel fans not only combat the higher rates of exhaust heat and circulating heat in the workplace, but also address concerns about outdated, rust-prone equipment that doesn’t satisfy modern industry standards.

Fanquip says companies should be considering technologies with IP56 rating, allowing complete washdown of equipment at regular intervals without causing any damage to it. The widespread use of non-stainless steel fans in the Australian food processing sector is reason for high concern. 

Combating heat is the obvious demand placed on fans, but when there is no rust inhibitor such as that provided by stainless steel, the hidden problems are alarming. For example, a number of personnel are working in hot environments such as the meat processing sector, cooking plants and other operations of this type where cleaning equipment using steam and chemicals is commonplace.

By using rust-prone equipment, these businesses are unwittingly rusting out their fans and exposing their food stocks to contamination. Additionally, a rusted fan blade can gradually weaken and fall off, potentially causing an accident, or even a fatality.

Fanquip’s stainless steel air circulators include stainless steel guards, stainless steel motors and stainless steel brackets for complete rust proofing and cleanliness. Non-stainless steel components are made of inert glass reinforced plastic, completely eliminating any potential to cause contamination.

Blade diameters of 460mm, 630mm and 810mm deliver high air outputs. The Fanquip stainless steel air circulators have a very long lifespan and can be relocated if required to suit requirements.

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