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Safe management of vehicle exhaust fumes at factories and depots

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article image Fanquip hooded roof fans with profile base are being used in council and transport depots

Fanquip hooded roof fans are recommended for installation at council buildings, public works facilities and general transport depots to improve the indoor air quality for employees.

Installing an exhaust fan system on the roof of any depot allows fast removal of exhaust emissions from vehicles stored within, and helps maintain good occupational health and safety standards in the workplace.

Public works facilities and transport companies often have a fleet of vehicles parked within a depot overnight before being started in quick succession every working day. In the absence of roof exhaust fans, the depot can quickly fill up with smoke upon vehicle start-up, exposing employees to this danger.

Air movement specialist Fanquip employs its suite of technologies and installation expertise to map out an optimised solution and place roof fans at strategic positions on the depot roof.

By fitting Fanquip hooded roof fans, a site has the advantage of being able to remove entire panels as these units are ‘profiled based’ in equivalent standard sheet lengths to fit quickly and easily into the current roof arrangement.

Once installed, Fanquip roof fans ensure that all emissions from the vehicles travel upwards to be ventilated and expelled into the atmosphere with the internal air as clear as it possibly can be. 

Fanquip’s hooded roof fans are supplied in any of six standard profile bases (corrugated iron, Trimdek, Super Six, Spandek, Double Rib and Span 4, and Longspan) and retrofitting is normally a straightforward procedure. The profile base allows installation costs and time to be cut by as much as 60%. The units can also be installed by customers quite easily. 

Made from structural fibreglass with metal sleeves and reinforcements, Fanquip hooded roof fans are used in heavy industry applications for expelling heat, fumes, odours, smoke and dust. 

Motor speeds range from 720rpm to 1440rpm, with voltages in 1Ph 240V or 3Ph 415V.

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