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Fanquip develops new solutions for confined space air management

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article image Confined spaces need expert air management for employee wellbeing

Air movement specialist Fanquip has introduced, through its Industrial Solutions department, a complete confined spaces air management solution for diverse industry segments.

Fanquip recommends its confined space air management consultancy service for companies across the industrial spectrum from aluminium smelters, food processing and mining, to fuel tank and sewerage applications as well as any environment where the air quality could be compromised in a confined space.

Many companies are unaware of the consequences of continuous exposure to excessive damp, heat or cold conditions, especially in confined spaces. For instance, a problem gas in a confined work space not only increases the potential for disease in workers but also causes corrosive damage on concrete. When gases are present over a period of time, an enzyme is produced, which rots concrete to the point where the steel reinforcement is exposed, raising concerns about the stability of the structure.

Toxic and carcinogenic gases are common in public works and waste handling, but typically considered as an acceptable part of the job. However, there are OH&S implications for the employer as these gases can cause chronic diseases in the workers. Wells, drains and other below-ground or urban bore area work sites are examples of potential gas-filled areas where purging is required to avoid exposing workers to the inhalation risks. Welding is another hazard in confined spaces, especially when welding heat comes in contact with the gas and causes an explosion.

A gas purging system is an essential component of air management in such confined spaces. Fanquip’s confined space air management service provides consultation to companies on choosing the most appropriate technologies as well as their placement in confined spaces to purge everything from explosive and noxious air to airborne diseases and general contaminants.

Fanquip recommends its confined space air management service for grease traps, sewers, factories, food processing plants, livestock and primary industry operations, pharmaceutical laboratories, foundries, tunnels and excavations, mine operations, and general manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Fanquip’s purging fans are a key component of their solutions for confined spaces. The company combines its considerable experience and expertise in confined space air management with a wealth of portable purging systems to extract all unwanted air quickly and easily from a work area.

Additionally, Fanquip units can also maintain the supply of clean air in any confined work area.

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