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Case study: Temperature control at honey manufacturing facility

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Fanquip  heater fans are being used in various food manufacturing facilities to deal with viscosity and consistency issues common during the cold season.

With Australian industry being in the middle of winter, a temperature drop can impact the quality of food products such as honey, sauces, mixes, chocolates, confectionery, jams, spreads, and any liquid foodstuff of syrup consistency that can thicken slightly when the temperature goes down, requiring them to be managed in a different way.

Smaller businesses such as market gardens and organic farms that do not operate in huge, state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouses are impacted the most during this season.

Fan specialist Fanquip provides various solutions to the food industry with its electric heater fans.

Fanquip recently installed its fan heaters at a honey production facility that found its product was hardening slightly as the colder months came along. Fanquip heater fans were used to replace the existing worn-out general heating system, and proved so successful that the client chose to keep them in operation permanently.

Fanquip heater fans can go to very high temperatures; for the honey facility, an optimum temperature bracket of 50°C - 60°C is being maintained all year round to provide the warm environment that allows honey to maintain a thinner consistency and flow easily, especially during cold weather.

The confectionery industry is another beneficiary of heat generated by electric fans. Supplied in mobile or wall-mounted versions to generate instant and continuous heat in food production factories and retail food premises, Fanquip’s electric heater fans have lower running costs than gas powered units.

With no dependency on combustible fuels, these electric powered units will not create a potential safety crisis by leaking poisonous and flammable fuel near food production as has been known to accidentally occur with gas fired systems.

Electric heater fans are increasingly being adopted by diverse end user industries such as large volume food services, commercial and retail eateries, as well as mass catering by event management companies.

Fanquip’s heater fans range in element power from the 3.0kW unit generating 10,800kJ of heat through to a 36.0kW unit with 129,600 heat energy output.

Wall mounted versions are strategically placed around a fixed workplace to provide optimum heat levels on minimum power requirements.

Mobile heater fans are easily wheeled into position for any operation requiring the heat source to be moved according to the job.

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