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Portable exhaust blowers, purging fans and roof exhaust fans from Fanmaster

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Fanmaster  supplies diverse range of ventilation and heating equipment as well as industrial fans that include portable exhaust blowers, purging fans, louvered fans, roof exhaust fans, misting fans, carpet dryers and portable air conditioners. Portable exhaust blowers provided by Fanmaster have been specifically designed to remove toxic gases as well as dust from the workplace. These exhaust blowers are also used for the evacuation of potentially explosive gases. Features of these exhaust blowers include blower impellers, pick up hood and hose with length of about five metres.

Purging fans provided by Fanmaster are heavy duty space ventilators that have been specifically designed for confined spaces. These purging fans either supply or extract heat, vapour and fumes. Features of these fans include efficient portable ventilations, elimination of toxic air, supply of fresh air in workplace, inlet as well as outlet guards for safety and available in conjunction with flexible ducts of about five metres.

Roof exhaust fans provided by Fanmaster function as powerful roof extractors suitable for both large industrial areas as well as small areas like lunch rooms. These roof exhaust fans are available as hooded roof or vertical discharge fans and capable of expelling heat, dust, fumes and smoke.

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