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Fanmaster’s solution to heating people or objects in the colder months is unsurpassed with choice. Radiant heaters are used to heat people or objects within a designated area. They are also a handy tool for drying applications.

When to use a Radiant Heater?

There are many varied uses for radiant heating.When the worksite or area is too cold for workers or objects to dry radiant heaters are at their most effective when placed around workstations, within close proximity to drying applications, or in commercial areas where it is important to keep customers warm.

Radiant Heaters will have little effect if you are trying to heat an entire factory or warehouse. Predominately, radiant heaters use less power or fuel than space heaters. Fans are not used in these heaters and they produce a warm sunlight style heat.

What Radiant Heater Do I Choose?

There are a few things that need to be established before making the correct decision.

  • Fuel Source. What Power do you have available or what fuel source do you have readily available. (240v 10amp or 15amp) Gas or Diesel
  • Volume of people or objects that you are trying to heat.
  • Hazard reduction (Is the heater likely to be a trip hazard or does it require mounting on a wall?)
  • Flexibility (Is the heater going to be moved around often or will it be stationary?)

Fanmaster can help provide you with the right radiant heater solution for you application.

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