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Warming the workforce across the country, the Fanmaster range of space heating solutions is designed to give flexibility and dependability to heating.

Fanmaster provide Fan Heaters that use either electric element as a heat source or fuel combustion as a heat source, with a fan that projects the heated air.

Fan heaters are designed to heat the air

Fan Heaters are designed to heat the air inside a confined space. They are an extremely effective way of keeping temperature at a consistent long as there is nowhere for the warm air to escape. If you are looking to heat workers in an open area or outdoors, it may be wise to consider a radiant heater.

Do I Use Fuel Or Electricity?

Whether to use a fuel (Gas or Diesel) versus electricity to heat your working space is often a question that is asked. Using a fuel is twice as effective as using electricity when it comes to the output of heat. Electricity is used where the naked flame of combustion cannot be used due to flammable or toxic environments.

Not Sure What To Use?

Speak to the team at Fanmaster who will be happy to give the right advice as to your heating requirements.

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11/04/08 - Fanmaster supplies diverse range of ventilation and heating equipment as well as industrial fans that include portable exhaust blowers, purging fans, louvered fans, roof exhaust fans, misting fans, carpet dryers and portable air conditioners.
Supplier news
10/04/08 - Fanmaster specialises in the supply of industrial fans, ventilation and heating equipment. Comprehensive range of fans provided by Fanmaster include pedestal fans, commercial fans, wall fans, portable fans, factory floor fans, compact air blasters to name a few.

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