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F5 Networks releases BIG-IP WebAccelerator

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F5 Networks , the leader in application delivery networking has released BIG-IP WebAccelerator.

Providing application acceleration of up to four times greater than any other product on the market, BIG-IP WebAccelerator offers an integrated, multi-purpose solution for dramatically boosting the performance of web services and applications.

BIG-IP WebAccelerator solves growing enterprise problems such as painfully slow remote downloads and application access over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Customers can use the new BIG-IP WebAccelerator running as a module on the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) or as a standalone system on F5’s 4500 platform now running on F5’s TMOS architecture.

Lucinda Borovick, Director, Datacenter Networks, IDC, said, “Many organisations deliver web applications, such as portal, CRM, eLearning, and e-commerce, to remote and mobile users who demand the same speed and reliability available on the LAN. The value that this announcement delivers is that it brings together F5’s TMOS architecture and BIG-IP features to give enterprises an integrated solution that provides secure web application acceleration for all users, local and remote.”

The BIG-IP WebAccelerator built on TMOS delivers an all-in-one solution to address two of the biggest technical challenges enterprises face in dealing with slow performance of critical applications: first time visit response time of web applications and acceleration of SSL content.

Web applications can be accelerated 200–1000% by using a symmetric deployment of BIG-IP WebAccelerator. The symmetric deployment of BIG-IP WebAccelerator along with other F5 solutions such as BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager and Enterprise Manager enables organisations to enhance their Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (ECDN) and reduce cost and increase control of Internet CDNs.

Chris Poulos, managing director, F5 Networks said, “F5 now offers the most comprehensive web acceleration solution, bringing together F5’s TMOS architecture and BIG-IP features to give enterprises an integrated solution.”

“Building on the strength of F5’s TMOS architecture, symmetric deployment of BIG-IP WebAccelerator solves web content delivery issues by locating content closer to users to speed first-time and repeat visits for portal, CRM, eLearning, and e-commerce sites. This release of WebAccelerator builds on the advancements that F5 has made by offering transparent and cost-effective acceleration to all users.”

Highlights of the New BIG-IP WebAccelerator:

Unmatched flexibility: Now enterprises can choose any combination of symmetric and asymmetric acceleration that suits their needs.

Whether accessing web applications and content via the BIG-IP WebAccelerator deployed in a remote office or utilising the BIG-IP WebAccelerator near to the data centre and web applications users are guaranteed to have the fast possible access and the good user experience.

Complete acceleration for web content via SSL:

When deploying symmetric SSL acceleration, organisations can rely on the BIG-IP WebAccelerator solution to ensure that SSL transactions are offloaded to SSL hardware and that there is support for advanced SSL functions such as FIPS and client certificates.

Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDN):

BIG-IP WebAccelerator technologies can also be deployed for enterprise sites that require fast user experience for their remote and mobile users.

Many of these organisations utilise Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) with unpredictable results and variable costs. BIG-IP WebAccelerator allows enterprise and e-commerce sites to control and reduce the costs of traditional CDN Networks.

About BIG-IP WebAccelerator:

F5’s BIG-IP WebAccelerator is an advanced web application delivery solution that provides a series of intelligent technologies designed to overcome problems with browsers, web application platforms, and WAN latency issues that impact user performance.

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