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Extreme Safety  are suppliers of Intercable cable stripping tools, all of which are made in Italy have a range of features to suit all caple stripping applications. The following is a small selection of the wide range of cable stripping tools available from Extreme Safety.

AMS Universal Cable Sheath Stripper
This is a handy tool for stripping almost any sized cable, either longitudinally or circularly. Depth adjustment and a two-sided blade make this cable stripper functional and durable.

HLS Semi Conductor Stripper
This is the ultimate in semi-con stripping tools as it is simple to use and will not score the insulation. The HLS Semi Conductor Stripper tool is angle and depth adjustable, has a replaceable blade, and is the easiest, fastest and best way of stripping semi-con. This cable stripping tool can cut longitudinally (for tram line cuts), helically, or circularly around the cable.

IMS I Universal Insulation Removal Tool
This is a highly advanced MV and HV cable insulation stripper. This insulation stripper is a fully adjustable and customisable way of cutting the insulation off MV and HV cables. This easy to use stripping tool allows the user to set the stripping length, depth of cut, and is capable of doing 11kV, 22kV and 33kV insulation thicknesses. Using this insulation stripping tool is as simple as pushing it on the end of the cable and turning - everything else is done, including chamfering the end.

IMS II Universal Insulation Removal Tool
This is the little brother of the V1 insulation stripper. This smaller, more affordable version offers much the same features as the IMS I, excluding the stripping length control, which cannot be preset and must be controlled by the jointer. This stripper is very small and compact and is ideal for use in confined spaces. Helical or circular cut means it can be used at any point of the cable.

FSI 150 Cable Insulation Stripper (LV)
These cable strippers are ideal for stripping overhead cables. They are an easy to use LV cable insulation stripping tool which removes the need to use knives or other exposed blades, and thus removes the risk involved in stripping LV cables. The set includes various heads for various cable sizes. Users simply put the tool on the end of the cable, set their desired stripping depth, and turn.

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17/04/2012 - Our strippers come with detailed instructions from which it is easy to write a SWP specifically for your workers/company, however we do not provide full SWP's.

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