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Moulding equipment and resin materials available from Maleplas International

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Maleplas International  offers Sales, Technical support and Distribution services throughout Australia and New Zealand for a range of moulding equipment and plastic resin materials

Maleplas International specialise in plastic foam materials specifically focussing on EPS and related foams for moulding and fabrication. The expandable polystyrene moulding products supplied by Maleplas International include EPS resins for shape or block moulding, from our Principal, Loyal Chemical Industrial Corporation.

Loyal is one of, if not, the largest manufacturer of EPS globally with multiple manufacturing sites in Taiwan and China with stated expansion plans for Europe in the near future.

Loyal’s range includes:

  1. Shape moulding resins in four predominant size ranges that truly cover the range of requirements, are offered with the following key characteristics
  • E series for Regular packaging applications from consumer electronics packaging to produce packaging and seafood packs
  • B series. A fast cycle variant that is well suited for consumer packaging where a good part at more productive cycle times is required
  • P series. For applications at lower densities. Multi-pass expansion to extra low densities is possible with the grade.
  • HC Series. Where Strength and Leak performance are paramount pre-requisites, coupled with a superior gloss finish. This is a premium grade offering premium performance.

    2.   Block moulding resins are similarly offered in a number of different size ranges.

  • FS grade medium size EPS for shape moulding where flame retardant properties are required, as well as for M+ grade block moulding
  • F-SB and F-SA medium large to larger size EPS predominantly for block moulding between SL and H grade
  • F-MS a large bead for low density block moulding or loose fill for bean bag
  • F-L grade an extra large bead size ideal for bean bag and extra low density applications
  • FM-S for fast cycle high density FR shape or block moulding with very short silo time. Densities typically 28 to 40g/l
  • FM-SB/SA for fast cycle, high density FR shape or Block moulding at densities of 18 to 30g/l depending on expansion & prevailing conditions.

    3.   Coupled with the above comprehensive range of EPS products, Loyal also offers specialty resins for Cup moulding, integrally coloured EPS, or a lower cost surface coloured EPS, impact modified EPS for improved cushioning without the cost tag of Polypropylene foam bead.  

EPS is a highly efficient foam material that offers superior value for money solutions for construction requirements such as home insulation, insulated structural wall panel for residential building applications, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) for energy efficient home construction, architraves, interior and exterior mouldings and ceiling tiles, waffle pods for concrete slabs and numerous other applications. It is widely used as a foam core material in sandwich panel constructions for cool room construction, or light weight portable offices or housing requirements. Why is it used in these applications? Due to its excellent strength to weight characteristics, its good thermal insulation, its moisture resistance and its value for money. Coupled with this, EPS is recyclable through re-use as a foam, or conversion back to solid polystyrene to have a future life as plastic wood in picture frames or coat hangers, or numerous other end use applications.  

As well as being a supplier of EPS raw materials, Maleplas provides a range of services in terms of supplying EPS moulding machinery, EPS tooling, machinery spares, filler guns and core vents. Maleplas offers a diverse range of machinery from Asian and European suppliers. Some of our relationships are detailed below and these include:

  • A long standing relationship since the mid 1990’s with machinery from Shiuh Chuan in Taiwan, who have supplied many shape moulding machines and prefoamers to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their range extends to small size block moulds, but their strength is shape moulding.  

More recently, a strong partnership with Sunghoon Tech from Korea has developed. Sunghoon offer a complete range of EPS machinery for the processing and moulding of EPS and these include: 

  • Continuous & pressurised batch prefoamers
  • Density check and density control systems
  • Vacuum Shape moulding machines for EPS and EPP
  • Vacuum block mould machines in a range of sizes and configurations
  • Hot wire cutting machines
  • Granulation, dust extraction and recycling equipment
  • Silos and ducting
  • Turnkey facilities can be designed and installed.  

With the ever increasing needs to ensure that the product life cycle can be better managed, Maleplas has recently established relationships with Heger Machinery from Germany. Heger builds a range of machines to support and encourage the economical value add or foam re-use and foam recycling. Their range includes:- Granulation and dust extraction. In-line granulate mixing to ensure optimised mix performance A broad range of foam granulation and densification equipment for volume reduction, waste management and product recycling solutions.

The Heger range of screw compaction, offers a safe, low noise, no odour solution to foam collection and recycling. Their equipment will particularly appeal to electronics and white goods wholesalers and distribution sites. Large scale foam recycling centres and council run waste management centres where volume reduction and recycling through value add can be achieved with Heger’s diverse range of solutions.  

Industrial manufacturers with EPS material sourcing and foam processing needs can benefit from the supply and technical support services offered by Maleplas International.

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