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Expanz International supply the Loyal’s King Pearl range of EPS machinery which includes screw compaction machines, melt machinery and vacuum shape/block moulding machines.

Loyal's King Pearl Expandable Polystyrene(EPS) cost effective machinery recycles plastics and other commercial waste material.

Why choose Expanz International?
Expanz International offer an extensive range of raw materials and technical knowledge.

  • Supply chain solutions
  • An international network of suppliers
  • Value for money raw material solutions
  • A broad range of EPS machinery
  • Advice about machinery selection
  • Design and Installation 
Polymer Moulding Machines with 40:1 Volume Reduction
Expanz International offers many benefits within their range of EPS machinery and compaction equipment:

  • Competitive prices with purchase sites available throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • 40:1 volume reduction with no hydraulics, no odours, low noise
  • Strong technical know how enables Expanz to offer high quality service and support for raw materials and machinery selection, supply and after sales support
  • Financial returns are maximised via better yields on raw materials
  • Coarse and fine granulation equipment available as well as dust extraction units, in-line granulate mix and metering systems, and complete recycling lines
  • Reduced volumes of post consumer and industrial waste management via easy to operate foam densification machinery
EPS Machinery for Recycling and Waste Management
Polymer moulding machines and compaction machines from Expanz International are suitable for a wide variety of applications including

  • Waste foams at fish, fruit, electronics and white goods distribution centres
  • Specialist foam plastics recycling management sites
  • Council and commercial waste management sites
Expanz provide a team of experts who will ensure you receive high quality service and products. Expanz International (formerly Maleplas) information and contact details

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09/01/12 - Expanz International offers 100% scrap moulding machines. The block mould size is able to be manufactured in accordance with the user’s specific requirements.
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25/01/10 - Expanz International (formerly Maleplas) is pleased to announce the successful launch of their warehousing facilities across major Australian capitals.
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14/12/09 - Following the recent announcement of the closure of Huntsman Chemical Company Australia, there will be significant changes ahead for the Australian EPS industry.
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11/09/08 - Heger machinery, manufactured by Heger and available from Maleplas International, has been specifically designed for applications including coarse granulation, screw compaction and densification of scrap or waste EPS foam.
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05/08/08 - Maleplas International offers Sales, Technical support and Distribution services throughout Australia and New Zealand for a range of moulding equipment and plastic resin materials.

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