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Level 421 utilise Expand Networks WAN Optimisation technology

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Expand Networks  have announced a new partnership with Level 421 that will see Expand Networks’ WAN Optimisation technology help to reduce the satellite bandwidth capacity pressures for distributed corporate environments.

Level 421 provide professional 2-way Internet broadband connectivity and utilise over 38 geostationary satellites covering most of the globe, uplinked from four teleports worldwide. Level421 own teleport is located in Ulm/Germany.

As network infrastructure investments have focused on the industrialised nations, in Africa, Middle East and Asia, satellite links have become essential, limiting the amount of bandwidth available for corporate organisations.

According to Level 421, due to the geography of these regions, they have the least broadband capacity, and therefore there is demand for satellite communications. Level 421 cover areas where local carriers cannot deliver broadband solutions at an acceptable quality or cost. WAN Optimisation technology maximises existing assets to enable high-performance connectivity to the European nations from these regions.

Level 421 work for corporate organisations, for governmental institutions and key industries such as oil and gas, all around the globe, which have to connect to small project teams in remote regions through satellite links constantly. As these organisations become aware of the cost-saving and productivity benefits of WAN Optimisation technology, Level 421 looked to Expand Networks technology to enhance the bandwidth across their satellite links.

Level 421 chose to partner with Expand Networks to optimise bandwidth that can reduce capacity through compression algorithms. According to Level 421, bandwidth is faced with connectivity challenges, resulting in limited throughput, latency and congestion on the network. In addition, YouTube and other high-capacity social networking sites and applications have led to an increased demand for bandwidth. By partnering with Expand Networks, Level 421 can use WAN Optimisation technology to reduce the TCP protocol bottlenecks and congestion on the satellite links.

According to Expand Networks, while satellites are suitable for network-challenged locations, increasing capacity restraints translates into network latency for corporate customers.

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