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Screw Dust Collector available from Eximo

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Screw Dust Collector from Eximo is a bag type dust filter, which is emptied by a screw conveyor mounted in the middle of the unit and designed for large particles as well as high air and waste volumes.

Air is brought into the collector through the bottom side of the unit or through separate inlet module and if several fans are used, the use of non-return flaps is recommended.

This version is made from 1.25 to 2.0mm galvanized plate steel and is also available with fire dampeners with a 69°C safety fuse and a micro switch connected to the main extraction fan.

The Eximo Screw Dust Collector is designed for large applications and comes with a standard filter media or 401gm polyester bags.

The filter needs to be ordered with the height of the legs, the length of the filter bags, the type of finish on the filter bags, the number of doors and any fire dampers in mind.

The Eximo Screw Dust Collector is designed for the mining, manufacturing, packaging, machining, cutting, automotive, building materials, chemicals, electronics and paint industries.

According to Melissa Phelps, General Manager of Eximo, the new screw dust collectors use positive pressure (blowing), which makes them more effective and easier to clean. The screw dust collectors are also modular, allowing unlimited number of units to be bolted next to each other, allowing for easy installation and, if required, expansion when a business moves or grows. The screw dust collectors use a 14-bag configuration, which leads to low power usage and costs.

Following are the features of the Eximo Screw Dust Collectors:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Less dust bag replacement required than other systems
  • Modular—can be simply bolted together
  • Have usage in almost every industry
  • Quality designed and engineered
  • Quiet running
  • Use positive pressure not negative pressure
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low running costs

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