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Optiflow waste handling systems available from Eximo

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Having clean air is a basic and fundamental requirement for product quality and worker safety in about any industry or manufacturing sector in Australia.

According to Melissa Phelps, General Manager, Eximo , air contamination within a production process can lead to product recalls, production losses, financial imposts, a fall in consumer confidence, possible regulatory penalties and worker safety. The numerous by-products of a manufacturing process may also contaminate the very air needed by production staff to function properly, a situation that could lead to grave implications.

Contaminants such as airborne paper dust, aerosols, wood dusts, oil mist, ink dust, food additive residues, metal dusts and chemical fumes can cause eye, throat and skin irritations which over time can lead to permanent hyper sensitivity of workers and staff alike.

For many Australian companies, the costs associated with their air quality management have been high, requiring numerous inputs from specialist consultants, maintenance companies and equipment suppliers. If not done correctly, managing and coordinating this effort can turn into a time consuming and costly task.

These costs can be easily mitigated and the potential for not only safety disaster but also product contamination can be greatly minimised by the use of efficient, well-designed and cost-effective ducting.

During peak times, on a typical working day, Eximo Optiflow system requires 165kW of operating power and at non-peak times - such as night shifts - operating power requirement drops down to 65kW.

In addition to providing users with a safe way of handling waste clippings and dust, the Optiflow system also eliminates any unnecessary and potentially dangerous physical work. The Optiflow system is integrated with an overall pressure-driven extraction system, and is built especially for dust extraction and transportation.

The Optiflow system creates a negative pressure chamber across an entire factory or processing plant to eliminate the total static pressure of the whole system by 50%. The Optiflow system provides a positive power consumption advantage as it is proportional to the total static pressure.

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