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Ducting technology from Eximo saves health of workers

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A Gold Coast-based car parts manufacturer have introduced a number of new designs and manufacturing processes with established benchmark products in the industry. The ducting technology from Eximo has helped them to keep cleanliness and safety on track.

The main material the company uses in their manufacturing process is aluminium, which is bent, cut and ground down to the desired shape, size and configuration. But working with aluminium is not easy. For one thing, there are varying reports from around the world about the OH&S issues resulting from high-levels of fine aluminium dust in the atmosphere, thought to be the main cause of everything from lung irritation to possibly even some rare cancers. However the most immediate risk from airborne aluminium dust is the one of explosions.

According to Stephen Knight, Area Manager, Queensland and the Northern Territory, Eximo, Eximo were using spiral ducting to remove the vast amounts of aluminium dust that was accumulating in the air during the bullbar making process. The internal configuration of their old spiral ducting allowed for build up of product internally and was not doing the job efficiently, so a viable alternative had to be found. That alternative was Eximo SpeedLock 1, a proven and well-respected ducting solution that Eximo sell into a number of well known and long established manufacturing industries.

Eximo SpeedLock’s internal smooth bore technology gives a free environment for moving of product and particles with reduced opportunities for blockages. The added benefit of the unique quick-locking mechanism allows for fast and efficient removal of any foreign body that may become trapped or whole reconfiguration if necessary.

After reconfiguring and replacing some of the spiral ducting with Eximo SpeedLock ducting just prior to Christmas 2008, the company is experiencing less downtime, better energy efficiencies, and the factory floor and air is clear.

Eximo also added pneumatic blast gates on the ducting they installed. This adds an increased safety benefit as the pneumatics come with solenoids which can be switched on or off remotely. This has given the company savings in energy and production costs as well.

According to the company’s production supervisor, after installing the Eximo SpeedLock 1, the air in the factory is better. They also have fewer blockages and generally less aluminium dust settling on all the finished parts as well.

Eximo have a large number of high-profile installations in Queensland, wherein Eximo ducting is saving the health of the workers and is also improving the manufacturing process while at the same time saving the company’s money in energy costs making Eximo SpeedLock as a good manufacturing accessory.

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