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Latest products on display at Auspack 2001

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VISITORS to the Auspack 2001 exhibition organised by Exhibition & Trade Fairs at the Sydney Exhibition Centre from August 7-10, will have the opportunity to see the latest products and technologies from more than 700 companies servicing the packaging machinery and materials industry.

Following are some of the products that will be featured:

Plant Pro – the patented plant protector specifically developed for the horticultural retail sector will be exhibited for the first time on Stand No 825 by Paper Coaters. The unique truncated cone design not only stands up in wet conditions and protects the plant throughout the supply chain, but it also serves as an innovative printing platform from which to launch promotional campaigns that are guaranteed to create maximum shelf impact.

Johns Adhesives will be featuring Bam Futura, a new concept in packaging adhesives on Stand No 520. For high quality packaging operations, these new adhesives are clean, odourless, do not fume, are operator friendly and do not block nozzles or cause downtime.

The Paksmart Australian made PC40 Carton Machine will make its debut on the Paksmart Engineering Stand. This innovative servomotor driven carton machine uses electronic system monitoring throughout to further enhance its low maintenance design and sanitary construction. It has twice the speed of similar priced imported machines with the added security of knowing all components are purchased in Australia.

The growth of the PET and HOPE industry has stimulated demands for cost efficient, quality controlled materials handling solutions. Flexlink Systems have responded to this demand by introducing the PET bottle handling conveyor, a durable, light weight plastic chain conveyor. See it on Stand 408.

Pemara will be displaying its continually expanding range of unique promotional labels on Stand 502 including the new Double/Dri label, where the base layer is an exact replica of the product label, while the top layer is the peel off promotional mechanism; plus the Fix-a-Form leaflet labels for the pharmaceutical industry; the resealable ‘Peal ‘n’ Seal’ labels, which do not tear and utilises a removable adhesive that allows for re-use - this ensure the contents will remain fresh, intact and free from any contamination. And also on display will be the unique Fix-A-Form Wobbler which can be automatically applied to individual products during the packaging process and has a far greater print and text area.

HandiTags will use Stand No 135 to introduce a new range of products responding to the trend in the packaging industry for manufacturers to use lighter weight materials for packaging - including the new Citizen thermal transfer printers for tag, ticket variable data and barcode printing; customised promotion neck tags – “A concept” and HandiTagger – the new pneumatic hand stapler.

The Rip Cap Closure System has positioned itself in the closure marketplace as a safe, convenient alternative to standard caps. On display will be the two standard sizes 26mm and 42mm, currently available – both of which are suitable for a wide range of beverages such as beer, carbonated soft drinks, isotonic – sports and health beverages, fruit juices, wine and wine coolers, straight liquors and pre-mixed cocktails.

Romalo Bosspak will be presenting new digital printing technology for blisterpack machines and new processing equipment for the food and pharma industry.

J.L. Lennard will have on display the multipond weighing machine, the Goring Kerr DSP 3 metal detector and the Silverson BX mixer.

The smallest multi-head weigher on the market today will be on display at the Heat and Control Stand No: 513. The new Ishida “ELF” is a quarter of the size of the a standard multi head weigher and has a weighing capacity of 40 grams accurate to 0.1g-0.3g per volume. The small and compact size enables easy cleaning for industries such as pharmaceutical and confectionery.

New PVC batching packing machines for products such as soap, candles, cosmetics, bath oils etc will be on display at the Techno-Pak Stand No: 604. Extended shelf life is possible using these machines which achieve vacuum sealing and gas flushing simultaneously – it is also a plus for export markets.

Imaje Coding Technology will have the complete range of S8 injet printers on display at Stand No: 208 – including the entry level S8 Classic, a multi-jet S8 Master, S8 IP65 and the S8 Contrast. The Imaje’s S8 printer range makes it possible to mark on all types of products (food and beverage) and all surfaces (cardboard, aluminium or glass), or utilise food grade or invisible inks.

IWD Strapping Sales will be displaying its IWD manufactured polyester strapping, seen in many industries as a substitute for the more traditional packaging methods. The acceptance of this product is growing rapidly due to its environmental, safety and cost benefits. IWD Strapping Sales are Australia’s first producer of this niche product and it can been seen on Stand 308.

Conveyors Direct Australia will have on its Stand No 517 the Ambafiex Spiralveyor, displaying the art of a continuous elevation and flexible, space saving vertical transport machine (conveyor). This Ambafiex Spiralveyor has higher capacity with greater height capabilities, new belt width and transport slat design and one continuous belt transfer the product from entry to discharge.

At Stand 518, visitors will have the opportunity of seeing a complete range of ‘Corpak’ containers that combine Corex Fluteboard pallet liners with thermoformed plastic pallet bases and lids. They are strong, yet lightweight and the ‘Corpak’ is collapsible, stackable, re-usable and the pallets nest into each other when empty. The ‘Corpak’ container is ideal for transport and stocking fresh produce and manufactured components and finished goods.

Packaging Appointments invites visitors to Stand No 115 to discuss their packaging industry recruitment requirements. Packaging Appointments has responded to the trend towards greater reliance on “boutique” recruiters to ensure efficient source of staff with specialised skills.

Morrison Enterprises Corporation from Taiwan will be displaying T-shirt bags with glue spot, vary gauge (wave-top handle) bags, ice bags, shopper bags and Caco3 garbage bags on Stand 425.

Visy Technology Systems will be displaying the Visy Image Station, the locally developed ink jet system, unique and world class engineering and innovation on Stand 723.

Impact, whose multi-award winning embossed aerosol cans have received global recognition for innovation will be on Stand 401. Impact is at the forefront of packing food products in squeeze tubes and will be displaying the new technologies to allow packing of oxygen sensitive, as well as aggressive products in plastic squeeze tubes.

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