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A wide range of lubricant products from Excel Equip

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Excel Equip  is an Australian-owned company and based on the southern coast of NSW. It manufactures high quality lanolin-based protectant as well as lubricant products. Excel Equip further offers Marinex, Teflan, Timber and Spattex for wide range of environments and applications.

Lanolin offered by Excel Equip is also known as wool wax, wool grease or wool fat. It is secreted by the sebaceous glands of animals that have wool on their body, such as sheep. Lanolin acts as waterproof and thus aids sheep to shed water from their coats. The wool offered by Merino sheep produces about 250 millilitres to 300 millilitres of recoverable wool fat or wool grease. These wool fats are extracted from wool through scouring process that involves washing of wool in warm water with special wool scouring detergents. These detergents remove lanolin as well as sweat salts, dirt and anything else stuck on wools.

The wool greases are continuously removed from during this washing process through centrifugal separators. These separators concentrate lanolin in a wax like material that melts at approximately 38 degrees Celsius. Lanolin is commercially used in many products that include lubricants and rust-preventive coatings. Lanolin can further be used to make slippery surfaces upon boat propellers as well as stern gears to which other products can not adhere.

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