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Air Compressors with Friction Free Coatings
Oil and moisture free air compressors from Esam have been manufactured with friction free coatings between pistons and cylinders, therefore having advantages of the compressor technology without letting oil or moisture to contaminate the end product.

The air compressor tools have 1-6 cylinder configuration with single and three phase motors available. The moisture and oil free compressors have also been used by NASA for Shuttle Programs.

Esam Australia are equally proud to announce the availability to Australia of Esam oil and moisture free reciprocating industrial air compressors.
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04/03/11 - The ESAM (Australia) oil and moisture free air compressors have been designed with an innovative low coefficient of friction coating between the pistons and cylinders.
Supplier news
10/08/05 - ESAM Australia Pty Ltd’s high quality and comprehensive range of reciprocating, oil free and moisture free, air compressors are now available in Australia. The Esam range of air compressors are supplied in the following sizes: 1 Cylinder 50-85 Nlt/min, 2 Cylinder 98-170 Nlt/min, 3 Cylinder 152-252 Nlt/min and 6 Cylinder 356-595 Nlt/min.

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