ESAB Plasma and Oxy Fuel CNC Profile Cutting Machines by Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery


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The ESAB Cutting Systems, represented in Australia by Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery, has a CNC plasma, oxy fuel or laser cutting system for most plate processing requirements. ESAB CNC profile cutting machines offer a fully integrated system with:
  • ESAB Power supply
  • ESAB Hardware
  • ESAB Software

CNC Profile Cutting Machines for Turnkey Solutions
ESAB Cutting Systems are remarkably versatile allowing for future upgrading if your cutting demands change, as well as over 70 years experience is the foundation of success.

ESAB Falcon™

  • Easy to use entry level machine with plasma, oxy-fuel or both for a board range of cutting options
  • All processes are controlled from the Vision 51 CNC system
  • Up to 3m solid reinforced main beam allowing for two tool carriages
  • ESAB collision protection system will immediately stop the cutting process and shut the machine down in case if a collision or crash    


  • With CNC control and up to four tool cars for oxy and plasma cutters
  • Modular machine
  • Perfected mechanical design and practical functional details
  • Quick-action coupling for easier positioning of the tool car guarantee optimum handling by the operator at all times
  • Precise setting of the cutting torch height is achieved automatically by means of an initial height sensing and maintained by an arc voltage height control during the cutting process
  • ESAB collision protection system will immediately stop the cutting process and shut the machine down in case if a collision or crash
  • Fast tool positioning, even for mirror-inverted cutting
  • High productivity through the optional combination of oxy and plasma cutting processes
  • Tool cars can be fastened to a play-free steel belt that is insensitive to deposits
  • Easy loading and unloading with a fork-lift truck


  • Choose between marking and lettering processes with plasma, ink jet, powder or special tools to suit your specific needs
  • A common standard for the very sturdy, precisely guided portal machines are twin drive systems with a machine speed of up to 40,000mm/min
  • Modular machine concept
  • Open to all sides and allows you to adapt flexibly to changing manufacturing requirements in future
  • Automatic process control achieves an optimum, user-independent quality of cut parts
  • Save time and costs with the automatic loading and unloading system
  • Efficient environmental technology with extraction table, filter system and heat exchanger
  • Program generation and material savings with the COLUMBUS software
Offering a unique range individual configuration options for all cutting tasks with the SUPRAREX™ models. Each SUPRAREX™ can be put to flexible use for industrial, thermal cutting processes. Combinations with oxy fuel and plasma are also easy to realise. ESAB Westgate information and contact details

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16/09/14 - World-leading welding and cutting equipment manufacturer ESAB is celebrating its 110th anniversary this month.
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16/11/11 - These precision cutting machines offer fantastic cutting versatility with the options for oxy fuel cutting in combination with or separate to plasma cutting.
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07/10/10 - ESAB Westgate distributes Autorex automatic plasma cutting machines, which offer simple, low cost and practical automation for a range of cutting applications.
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06/10/10 - IMP mobile hand cutting machines can be fitted with one or two oxy cutters as necessary, with the option of a plasma torch where light plasma cutting is required, and are supplied by ESAB Westgate.

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