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The ESAB Falcon CNC profile cutting machines from Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery delivers greater cut quality, higher cutting speeds and lower operating costs as well as easy integration into automated production methods.

    ESAB Falcon CNC Profile Cutting Machines
    A cost effective solution to CNC plate process cutting, the ESAB Falcon has a fully integrated power supply, software and hardware. Other features and benefits include:

    • Can be upgraded to suit any cutting demands and range of materials
    • This CNC profile cutting machine can be used for oxy-fuel, plasma or a combined oxy-fuel and plasma combination
    • All processes are controlled from the CNC system
    • Extensive control functions, interfaces and an integrated cutting database, with 65 fixed programs
    • CNC system is easy to use, resulting in low cost operation and high productivity
    • Low level outboard rail mounted below the height of the cutting table, allowing  for easy loading and unloading of the table with forklifts
    • Solid reinforced main beam ensures perfect stiffness over the entire machine width
    • Two tool carriages, Oxy-fuel and Plasma for wider variety of cutting options

    Backlash Free Cutting Accuracy

    • Transverse drive motor with precision rack and pinion gears provides backlash free cutting accuracy
    • Versatile, heavy duty water cooled plasma cutting and gouging system for mechanised applications
    • Offers high speed cutting of most metals from gauge to 40mm thickness
    • Precise setting of the cutting torch height
    • ESAB collision protection system will immediately stop the cutting process and shut down the machine in case of a collision or crash
    • Each tool carriage is provided with a reliable automatic ignition device
    • Solenoid valves on the carriages allow for automatic piercing
    • Cutting height is determined by a capacitive ring which maintains the torch height to ensure the best possible cut quality
    You can ensure superior mechanical design, numerical control systems, plasma and oxy fuel cutting with Falcon profile cutters. ESAB Westgate information and contact details

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