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article image ERO’s new family of solid state relays.

ERO Australia's new DIN rail mounting ESR range of single phase solid state relays provide a new family of cost-effective power control solutions for switching resistive loads up to 80A.

The ESR range is a solid state relay (SSR) suitable for control of low temperature-coefficient resistive heating loads (LTCL).

With application areas in furnaces, plastic injection and extrusion, heating and air-conditioning, these units are designed to replace electromechanical power relays.

Unlike electromechanical relays, the ESR is solid state, and thus has no moving parts, providing completely silent operation and maintenance-free operation for the life of the project.

Being solid state, the ESR range can also operate at much higher speeds than an electromechanical relay, while the use of on/off logic firing with zero voltage switching provides no electrical interference to the system.

The ESR range can be DIN rail or panel mounted for fast simple installation. An integrated heatsink means it can be simply clipped onto the DIN rail and be operational immediately.

Versions are available for voltages up to 600V. LED indication of firing is provided for operator confirmation of operation.

Designed for use in real world industrial applications, the ESR range can withstand peak voltage surges of up to 1700V and non-repetitive currents of 1600% over-current.

The ESR can be used up to its maximum rated switching load over the entire temperature range of 0 to 40°C, with the ability to switch up to 70% of the rated output up to 60°C.

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