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Versatile and Compact ERbic Universal Fieldbus Interface Connectors from ERNTEC

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Available for CAN-Bus, Profibus, Profibus EX i and SafetyBUS p, the range of universal bus interface connector systems are easy to service and easy to install.

ERNI Erbic Fieldbus from connectors from ERNTEC combine compact dimensions with horizontal or vertical cable termination.

Offers flexible connection options
  • Versatile interface system
  • Colour coded backshell housing for easy installation
  • Molded-in bus configuration name
  • Comprehensive Profibus program features different termination technologies
  • Low voltage Profibus Ex i for safety-orientated intrinsically safe applications
  • Highly reliable CAN-Bus available with shield coupling capacitator as an option
  • SafetyBUS p Utilises the advantages of the CAN bus

Profibus Networks
Optional integrated switches allow the flexible configuration of Profibus or CAN bus connectors. The switch turns the termination on and off and can be operated without having to open the housing.

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