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Series 3564 brushless DC-servomotors with motion controller available from Erntec

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Erntec  offer series 3564 brushless DC-servomotors. These brushless DC-servomotors with integral motion controller provide a range of functions and enhanced performance. Series 3564 brushless DC-servomotors are optionally available with a CAN or RS232 interface. The new version of this product can be operated using the enhanced ‘Motion Manager 3’ software.

Faulhaber present the second generation of their sinusoidal motors, which are electronically commutated DC-Servomotors with an integral motion controller.

This all-round unit combines a high-performance brushless DC-servomotor, a high-resolution encoder, and programmable position and a speed controller in a single package. Besides the RS232 interface, this system is now available with a CAN interface and CANopen protocol to allow up to 127 drives to be networked.

Advanced DSP technology is used to provide high controller sampling rates and PWM frequencies, resulting in increased efficiency and improved control characteristics. The digital inputs can be configured to be compatible with TTL or PLC signals. The unit is optionally available with separate electrical power connections for the electronics and the motor, which is important for safety-related applications.

The user interface of the upgraded ‘Motion Manager 3’ software makes it an easy to use motion controller in practical applications, without extensive knowledge of the CAN interface. Clear graphic presentation of all connected drive units and a simple menu structure are other features of the high-performance drive units.

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