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ERNTEC are leading suppliers of precision components and services to all sectors associated with electrical, electronic and medical engineering. ERNTEC's precision machining services can be customised and includes precision routing, punching and folding services for mechanical packaging.

Flexible, custom solutions
  • Analyse and preview designs using CAD drafting
  • Fast, efficient and reliable press-fit range of all connector types
  • High quality screen printing service specifically for the electronics or electrical industry
  • Configure and customise subtract design and assembly to conform to international norms and standards
  • CNC machining centre that offers innovative methods in economic milling, drilling, counter-boring, counter-sinking and engraving
  • Ensure high quality, quick turnaround on all precision sheet metal requirements
  • High Speed machining of Aluminium and Plastics
  • Precise engraving on every surface, nesting of small parts
Precision Machining Services for electrical, electronic and medical engineering industries
  • Front Panels and Name Plates
  • Enclosures and Housings
  • Micro CNC Machining
  • Aluminium Machining
  • Speciality Engraving
  • Ink Filled Engraving
Using Erntec’s CNC machining centre they can provide any size or shape cut out in Aluminium or Plastics suitable for a wide range of applications. ERNTEC Pty Ltd information and contact details

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15 Koornang Road
VIC 3179
Tel: +61 03 9756 4000
Fax: +61 03 9753 4000

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