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Mentor’s turning knob lighting set available from Erntec

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Mentor’s new turning knob lighting set, available from Erntec , helps to get the right knack. The illumination unit makes it possible to see the exact setting of the knob, regardless of the ambient light.

The innovative design of the light guide sets can be used for suitable knobs made of plastic or aluminium with a diameter between 20mm and 30mm.

The turning knob lighting set consists of a flexible printed circuit board with an LED assembly and a transparent light guide, both of which are simply slipped onto the shaft of the switch or potentiometer.

The scaling, which can be adapted for customised specifications, is on the bottom of the light guide, so that the need for smudge-proof properties is only secondary. The illumination unit is connected by means of standard zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors.

The available LED colours - red, green, yellow, orange, blue and white - can be combined by the developer not only for applications for night time designs, but also to create daylight applications to match the individual corporate design.

Two separately controlled LED groups can display defined settings or warning notices. An optional plate with a window is available for use with Mentor knobs.

This allows the active settings to be targeted and illuminated, so that it is virtually impossible to interpret the display incorrectly.

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