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Mentor M-Tube light guide bar available from Erntec

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Mentor have developed M-Tube light guide bar/modular LED light system for diverse applications.

The M-Tube light guide bar, available from Erntec , consists of a modular design with the single elements light guide, accompanying clamping sleeve, housing equipped with an LED and a second equipped housing for the double ended light irradiation or an empty housing for the sole attachment on the side.

The function of this light guide bar/component is the aimed crosswise to the longitudinal direction radiating light, which is achieved by an imprinted reflector surface.

The routing of the stranded wire can be carried out concealed downwards by means of appropriate openings or used outgoing backwards.

The M-Tube light guide bar is available in standard diameters of 5, 6, 8 and 10mm as well as in length of 100 and 300mm. Higher length of up to 2m are possible, provided a wide sphere of activity in architecture, with edge illumination, as danger indication/alarm system, is present for indirect illumination and also as bright signal sources.

For signal purposes and illumination or lighting, Erntec offer the standard colours of red and white. All other colours are also available. This includes Duo LEDs and RGB variant types, so that a varied play with colours is possible. The M-Tube light guide bar remains cold with bright lights also.

The thermo-management of the LED housing with quality LEDs by Osram is computed in a way that ensures a trouble-free function of all features under extreme environmental conditions also.

A colour imprinting in the reflector design makes the M-Tube light guide bar flexible in light deflection, and enables to calculate and realise a specific optical outlet. This enables a constant or an arbitrarily variable light effect over the length of the M-Tube light guide bar.

The choice of the imprinting width and pattern allows a specific influencing of the optical outlet with regard to the angle of departure, so that line light illumination, large-area lighting or narrow spotlight is possible. The customers can choose individually according to their demands.

The installation of the system is easy and can be carried out without tools. The clamp connection of the M-Tube light guide bar can be done in several steps, so that readjustments and free rotation for change lighting are possible.

The M-Tube light guide bar is installed on the LED housing, either at the link plate at the side, by bolting, by caulking or by means of clips.

If the described applications are insufficient, Erntec offer flexible light guides on request that can be installed individually. With an appropriate quantity, a customer specific hardness for the realisation of particular snap-on plugs, special installation radius, rattle noise prevention with vibrations is possible.

The range of applications comprises architecture (step and edge illumination, emergency lighting and emphasis of design), industrial electronics (switchgear cabinet illumination, service light and failure indication/alarm condition), household goods and furniture (illumination and background lighting of any kind), motor cars (light curtains, signal lights, line illumination and ambient light of any kind) as well as several other fields of applications. The M-Tube light guide bar has multicolour light designing with low current and a long service life.

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