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Industrial circular connectors with quick locking system available from Erntec

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Coninvers circular connectors of the series ConPower P20 (M17) and ConPower P70 (M40) is available from Erntec . These circular connectors are available with Speedcon quick locking system in addition to the standard screw locking.

Speedcon industrial circular connectors provide the following advantages:

  • Quick locking system for signal and power transmission in the field of device connection technology/drive engineering, measuring technology and medical technology
  • Low effort for locking can be handled with two fingers. ‘Blind’ plugging and unplugging result in an easier handling under cramped or ‘non-viewable’ assembly conditions.
  • Device flanges can optionally be combined with Speedcon cable connector or with standard cable connector without any restrictions.

According to the motto ‘Plug and Turn’, the plug pairs can be plugged and locked without long screwing. The correct plug-in position of both connectors is clear and can thus be found easily. For that purpose, the coupling nut is turned to its initial position at the mechanical stop to the left. This position is marked by an arrow symbol. After plugging the connectors, they are locked by turning the coupling nut by a half rotation to the right until the mechanical stop is reached.

This handling is easy and can be done without high effort. It can also be done by using only two fingers. Once locked, an O-ring secures the coupling nut at its position and prevents reliably from loosening due to vibrations.

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