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ERNI Electronics Offers a Broad Portfolio of DIN-Rail-Enclosures for Industrial and Building Automation

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article image ERNI Electronics Offers a Broad Portfolio of DIN-Rail-Enclosures for Industrial and Building Automation
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The adapters, available from ERNTEC ,  enable an increased flexibility by expanding the possible mezzanine board-to-board distances to fulfill the needs of various modern applications. In combination with the related low-profile female connector (unmated stacking height of 6.25 mm) board-to-board distances from 20 to 40mm – wipe length included – are possible. In addition, this solution enables a secure soldering process by using the low-profile female connector and pick & place technology. With this, component height is no longer an issue for the SMT assembly line. Furthermore, the adapter can be attached during the end-assembly process so the daughter boards can be stocked close to each other without being damaged.

By introducing the new parts, ERNI now offers a range of adapters with 12, 26, 50, 68 and 80 pins. The adapters with 1.27mm pitch have male contacts on both component sides. One side provides a robust snap-fit interlocking feature which works together with the standard low-profile female connector mentioned above. Hence the adapter is steadily linked with the low-profile female connector to the base board while maintenance or service purposes are performed on the mezzanine board side. For cost-effective processing the adapters are delivered in an antistatic tray packaging. The operating temperature ranges from -55 °C to + 125 °C.

About the SMC family:

The SMC product portfolio with 1.27mm pitch is ideally suited for modern subassembly applications and enables printed circuit board solutions for all kind of branches. Different modules, such as straight and angled male or female multi-pin connectors, in combination with SMT termination allow all required PCB configurations (coplanar, mezzanine or orthogonal). Precision-stamped contacts and fully automated “state of the art” assembly machines with 100% AOI guarantee for an exact co-planarity (tolerance within 0.1mm) of contact terminals and therefore an easy soldering process. Also the female contact gaps and contact center positions are 100% controlled. The combination of respectively three different stack height male and female connectors supports board-to-board stacking heights from 8 to 20mm. By using the new adapters, the stack height can be enhanced to up to 40mm. In addition, IDC female cable connectors with  snap-lock feature can be used for transferring I/O signals to far away located PCBs.

The SMC product line is optimized for fully automated processing: Antistatic Tape and Reel packaging protects the contact terminals, while black insulation bodies ensure an easy visual recognition by the automatic pick and place equipment. Heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation body and precision coplanar contacts permit a controlled and secure SMT soldering process. The metal SMT solder clip ensures a reliable connection to the printed circuit board. The integrated metal clips are also soldered during the SMT process, thus eliminating the need for an additional operation such as riveting.

The SMC product series will be continuously extended. Further developments are in process.

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