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Erni Electronics is offering an extensive range of D-Sub connectors with precision stamped high-current contacts to meet the needs of SMT, Through-Hole Reflow (THR) and Press Fit applications.

Expensive screw-machine power contacts are no longer necessary to achieve high-current demands. Erni Electronics’ power and signal contacts are efficiently stamped for maximum reliablility and lower installed cost.

Designed to be used by fully automatic assembly equipment, Erni Electronics’ SMT and THR power D-Subs provide an economic solution over traditionally more expensive manually placed connectors. In applications that predominately use press fit connectors, such as backplanes, Erni Electronics also provides a press fit power D-Sub for gas tight contact requirements.

The angled high-current D-Sub connectors are available in 3W3, 3WK3 and 7W2 configurations, and can be fitted with a maximum of three power supply contacts. However, partial assembly is also possible, as illustrated by Deutsche Telekom, which specified a 3W3 version with two contacts for a 60 V power supply.

In press fit configuration, the high-current contacts are specified for a maximum current carrying capacity of 30 A (at 20 °C). The male and female multipoint connectors are supplied with the corresponding pre-installed nut or an anti-twist interlock bolt (both available in M3 or 4#40 UNC).

The RoHS-compliant power connectors are available in the standard installation height (7.3 mm), according to DIN 41652 and CECC 75301-802. For applications with a cable termination, ERNI also offers a D-Sub Power housing kit and high-current contacts with a solder or crimp connection for 10, 20, 30 and 40 A.

For fully automated assembly, Erni Electronics’ power D-Subs is available in both an SMT-compatible tray and tape-on-reel packaging. To further simplify pick and place processing, each connector has a large intake surface for easy and reliable vacuum pick-up. Positioning pegs are located at the centre of gravity to optimise connector placement during soldering.

The SMT power and signal contacts utilise solder traps to minimise the wicking effect of solder away from the pads and durable surface brackets absorb extreme mechanical forces from mating and unmating heavy cables. The tin-plated terminals are contrasted by black high temperature resistant thermoplastic for improved visual inspection.

D-Sub connectors are available from Erntec .

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