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Industrial Manufacturing Experts Eriez Magnetics, provide a broad range of resource recovery equipment to aid in efficiently reclaiming valuable metal assets from the scrap metal process.

Innovative and cutting-edge in features, Eriez Magnetics’ range of resource recovery equipment works to:

  • Improve metal separation, utilizing high sensitivity sensors aligned with low energy electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste material
  • Automate valuable non-ferrous materials from trash, sand, glass, dirt, electronic scrap and shredded automobiles
  • Locate fine metal particles from waste streams and scrap yards

Effective and economical, Eriez’s range of resource recovery equipment is designed to maximise the value of metals and mixed metal fractions. 

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06/12/10 - Circular Lifting Magnets from Eriez Magnetics are general-purpose magnets with a range of applications.

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