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Eragel ZR Polyurethane Gel from Era Polymers

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Era Polymers  offers Eragel ZR, a soft polyurethane gel suitable for a variety of applications in addition to providing comfort and reducing strain on the body.  

Eragel ZR finds application in:

  • Anti Fatigue Mats
  • Cushioning
  • Gel Cushions for ladies shoes to provide cushioning for the balls and heels of the feet
  • Gel-Filled Bike Seat
  • Gel-Filled Mouse Pads to reduce repetitive strain injury
  • Impact Dampening
  • Keyboard Wrist Rests
  • Motorcycle Seats
  • Padding Parts for Medical Devices
  • Shoe Inner Soles
  • Sports Shoe Soles

Eragel ZR is a 2-component system based on TDI polyether chemistry.  

Convenient mix ratios mean it can easily be mixed by hand or machine and can be readily processed and cured at room temperature.  

By changing the ratio of the two components, one can have soft gels ranging from 25 Shore A hardness to as soft as Shore 00, depending on specific application requirements.

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