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When you’re on the go, ensuring safety standards are being met can be a tricky task. Portable Self Contained or gravity fed eye wash and body spray units are the ideal solution for sites without access to plumbing. Easily relocatable, providing emergency eye wash capability in close proximity to potential hazards.

Gravity fed eye wash

A compact potable gravity fed eye wash unit that provides a full 15 minutes of continuous flow

Portable eye wash body spray 45L & 9L

Enware's eye wash and body spray is ideal for remote sites where immediate flushing can help minimise injury. When used in isolation the eyewash provides 15 minutes of flow compliant with ANSI Z 358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007.

Portable eye wash 45L

Enware's eye wash ideal for remote sites where immediate flushing can help minimise injury. The eyewash provides 15 minutes of flow compliant with ANSI Z 358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007.

Tobin eye wash range

Tobin’s Eye Wash Systems are a well proven, quick and safe way to flush contaminants from the eyes. This specially designed system gives fast application and a volume large enough for most eye accidents. Available in an arrangement of sizes from litre bottles to pocket eyewash, you can feel safe with an eyewash bottle within arms reach.

For more information on all our safety solutions, please visit: http://www.enware.com.au/products/safety-and-environmental/

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09/08/17 - An accident at the workplace can have serious implications on the safety of workers.
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24/10/16 - Tobin eyewash solutions from Enware Australia are specifically designed to provide quick and efficient relief to the eyes when exposed to chemicals.
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11/10/16 - Enware has designed its emergency systems to swiftly deliver an effective response.
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09/03/16 - Emergency systems from Enware are helping several industries ensure safety for their workers on-site in the event of exposure to hazardous contaminants.
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05/11/15 - The VERTECH technology from emergency systems specialist Enware Australia is specifically designed to maximise comfort and relief during eye washing.
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