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Enware Australia sign agreement with Nanoscale Corporation to distribute Fast-Act products

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Enware Australia  have signed an agreement with Nanoscale Corporation USA to distribute Fast-Act, first response treatment products, which were developed for the US military to counter chemical threats. Fast-Act (First applied sorbent treatment – against chemical threats) can be safely applied to chemical spills or vapour releases. It rapidly neutralises chemical threats, reducing personal and environmental risks in applications such as defence, emergency services, laboratory, chemical manufacturing and transport.

The formulation for Fast-Act was developed for the US military through research and development at Kansas State University into advanced chemical hazard containment and neutralisation. Produced in the form of a dry powder, Fast-Act is essentially magnesium oxide and titanium dioxide. These non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable metal oxides are effective over a range of temperatures and conditions.

The technology break-through enables relatively small quantities of product to be used effectively over broad areas. This is because the Fast-Act technology creates an increase in the powder’s active surface area.

Key features for military applications are:

  • Rapid neutralisation of a range of dangerous chemicals. This is important where a chemical agent is used because there is often no way of knowing immediately what chemical is involved
  • High portability, so it can be easily carried on vehicles and easily applied

Fast-Act can benefit emergency services as it is available in pressurised cylinders, which can be used by first responders to quickly create a path to safety, create temporarily access for rescue and to minimise clean-up time. Fast-Act reduces the need to have multiple spill kits. It reacts with a wide range of acids, halogenated compounds, phosphorus compounds and organic compounds. It neutralises both liquids and vapours, including contaminants in air, soil and water.

Fast-Act is supplied in extinguisher-style pressurised cylinders that are easy to operate and do not require any special training for users. Shaker bottles and pails are also available in a variety of sizes to suit particular application requirements.

Fast-Act is an addition to Enware’s family of safety and environmental technologies, including Enware emergency shower and decontamination technology manufactured in Australia to comply with tough regulations covering workplace safety.

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