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Why consider Envirofan subfloor ventilation systems from all other systems

The market leader of sub-floor ventilation fans was Solarfan, who had rigorous testing carried out by Unisearch in the 1970's. The accreditation was a fundamental testing process, which substantiated Solarfan’s domination. However, later on it gave Envirofan the opportunity to refine the product even further in quality, since 2001.

What sets Envirofan apart from the rest is the unique design of the EF10-4 subfloor ventilation systems. (Envirofan quad fan system)

Single fan units where subfloor ventilation properties is totally lost

Many sub-floor ventilation systems usually have only a single fan system. Why do we say only?

In the event that the single fan should stop working, the subfloor ventilation properties are totally lost, until such time that the ventilation system is totally replaced or that the ventilation system is repaired. This would also apply to in-line fan systems.

The Envirofan quad fan system (EF10-4) is different. If the same scenario applies and one fan ceases to operate the subfloor ventilation properties continue at 75% of its normal capacity.

Noise levels

The other factor to consider is noise levels. The use of a bigger fan means the noise level is increased. This is not desirable for the homeowner to have extra noise levels penetrating into the living area if it is not warranted.

The Envirofan quad fan system (EF10-4) operates at a decibel level of 27, which is low.

The non use of flexible ducting

At Envirofan, the approach is cutting edge in design and installation methods. At it is Envirofan’s belief to maximise subfloor ventilation without obstructions. The obstructions not only pertain to the building itself such as subwall and central heating ducts, but the materials used by ventilation companies to solve ventilation issues by installing more flexible ducting, and other paraphernalia used in association with the in-line fan installations.


Envirofans experience even prior to 2001 from it predecessor, in design, installation techniques used and effectiveness leaves other sub-floor ventilation systems as just ordinary.

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