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Envico Doors, The CONDOR – No longer an endangered species.

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article image Envico Doors, The CONDOR – No longer an endangered species.

Envico Doors have combined the existing safety features of their door range with the Condor sensor, providing not only a form of activation but also added saftey benefits.

Features of the condor door sensor: Obstruction detection

Benefits of the Condor door sensor: Increased safety to personell, reduces risk of collision.

The director and designer of Envico Mark Brunton says “We understand the growing focus on industry to provide a safer workplace environment. It is important for us to grow with this trend whilst maintaining our focus on reliabilty and durability, the Condor sensor allows us to do just that”.

The CONDOR is a waterproof sensor which uses microwave technology to detect motion, it has the ability to discriminate pedestrians from vehicles and is unaffected by parallel vehicle traffic. However it is the Active Infrared Technology that allows the sensor to detect any object that stays in the presence detection field and keeps the door open.

Mark Brunton “Previously other manufactures have relied on built-in sensors in a doors solid bottom rail to come in contact with an object and automatically retract. At Envico we have employed a soft bottom edge system which is a safety feature in itslef but also has the benefit of reducing repair costs after accidental collisions. The Condor sensor allows us to keep this feature whilst providing a safety field where the door is not required to come in contact with any object or person to remain open or retract. This not only provides further safety to personell but increases the protection of the door by reducing the risk of collision”.

With the help of the CONDOR sensor Envico High Speed Doors are working to ensure that company employees remain off the endangered species list.

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