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Which pump should you choose for your job?

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With a wide variety of pumps available, it can be tricky to determine which pump to use for which application. Companies that do not have a large range will often direct you to their standard pump, which will not always yield the most efficient and desirable results, and potentially leave your operation not as efficient as it could be.

Enerpac is the recognised global leader in high pressure hydraulic tools and equipment, with one of the most extensive ranges of pumps available, from hand pumps to PLC-controlled Synchronous Lifting Systems.

Through their global expertise, they have developed a range of pumps that optimises performance and safety under every circumstance.

Enerpac's integrated solutions manager Richard Verhoeff says that in order to select the pump that best suits your application, you must ask yourself the following questions when choosing your pump:

  • How many tools or cylinders will I power with the pump?
  • What ‘power’ is available at my application?
  • If more than one cylinder will be used, how accurate do I want to lift, lower, position or press?

The accuracy determines whether a manual controlled, split-flow or PLC controlled system is needed. Enerpac recommends the following guidelines when selecting a pump:

  • Low accuracy – Manual controlled valves: depending on person(s)operating
  • Medium accuracy – Split-Flow pump: 3–5% of the stroke of your cylinders
  • High accuracy – PLC (and stroke) controlled: 0.5–3 mm between the leadingand lacking cylinder

“This shows that for each application, you have to carefully decide what will be right for you,” Verhoeff said.

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