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BP series battery pumps available from Enerpac

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Enerpac  have introduced portable battery pumps to drive hydraulic tools and small to medium hydraulic cylinders on remote sites or wherever an electric cord or air hose gets in the way. The BP series heavy duty 28 volt lithium ion battery pumps weigh 9.6 to 10.9kg and can power the advanced generations of compact powerful high pressure single-acting tools or cylinders up to 700 bars (10,000 psis).

According to Enerpac, the BP series battery pumps are suitable for extreme force hydraulic technology and are designed for everyday use with constant fade-free power. These battery pumps are suitable for applications such as bolting, tensioning, line crimping, spreaders, nut splitters, pipe flange spreaders and movement of machinery. In addition to mining, construction and maintenance markets, they are aimed at fire and rescue services, electrical contractors and heavy transport operations, including railway.

The BP series battery pumps capitalise on the advances made in battery cell technology that results in high performance-to-weight ratios and shorter recharging times. The two BP models (with either two-litre or four litre reservoir and flow rates of 0.25 l/ minimum at 700 bars) offer immediate charging after use, a quick one hour charge, two 3,0 amp-hour battery packs and quick charger.

The BP series battery pumps can be used safely and has a lightweight, compact design with integrated ergonomic handle for portability. The dual power and variable speed operation offer preferred flow and precise control for rapid setup of tasks and maximum power for task execution. An optional gauge offers optimum accuracy in measuring force.

Each of the battery packs is complemented by a quick charger and offers continuous power at maximum pressure with commensurately longer service on lighter tasks. This is sufficient for more than 130 cuts of 9.5mm reinforcing bar, for example, 75 lifts of a spreader such as Enerpac’s WR5 model, safely removing 30mm nuts using an Enerpac NC 3241 nut splitter, or lifting loads multiple times using five 100-ton jacks.

Batteries can be recharged immediately without cool down. The BP series battery pumps give a constant readout on power available from battery packs from the Milwaukee Electric Tool organisation.

According to Enerpac, the BP series battery pumps can generate hydraulic force without the need for an external power source, such as mains electricity, compressed air, gas or manual operation.

The BP series battery pumps on-demand power for intermittent applications is an addition to Enerpac’s advanced pumping technologies, including cool-running and energy-saving ZU4T electric pumps and new generation 700 bar XVARI XA air-over-hydraulic foot pumps, which enable safe control of tasks. The BP series battery pumps are capable of high duty cycles using proven pump element technology.

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