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CAT and Olympian Power Generators Recommended by Design Firm for Standby Power Solutions

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Design company Elements of Living PR specialises in home and business renovation in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  

Elements of Living PR is a total service provider, helping residential and commercial clients create their dream homes or optimum work spaces using high-end materials and state-of-the-art furnishings.  

In addition to designing homes and interior spaces, Elements of Living PR also offers recommendations on generator sets and installation services for residential clients seeking emergency power solutions.  

Standby power is critical to local homeowners as hurricanes in the Caribbean often disrupt primary sources of power. Additionally, clients prefer that generator sets be installed with an enclosure away from their homes to ensure optimum noise attenuation.  

Over the past two years, Elements of Living PR has turned to RIMCO, the local CAT dealer to provide standby power solutions for several client residences as well as the company’s own facility.  

The company has purchased and installed one CAT and three Olympian power generator sets ranging in output from 13 kW to 20 kW for clients, while also installing an Olympian 55 kW GEP50-7 diesel generator set for the company’s headquarters in Camuy.  

Olympian power generators sets are ideal standby power solutions, delivering clean and economical power even in demanding conditions.  

Their quiet operation is one of the most appealing features for residential settings, enabled by sound absorbent materials, an improved exhaust system and better managed airflow.  

Given that the CAT and Olympian generator sets are designed, engineered and manufactured for optimal performance at an ISO9001 Caterpillar facility, reliability is completely ensured for the long term.

All major components are tested individually, and the entire unit is then tested for safety and operation at and over 100% of its rated load.  

Each of the units purchased by Elements of Living PR is equipped with a CAT Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), a critical component for safety and reliability.  

The ATS starts the generator set when a power outage occurs and breaks the connection to the primary power source. When utility power is restored, the ATS automatically transfers back to utility power and turns off the generator set.  

The ATS feature is optimal for areas that are prone to frequent power outages during natural disasters.  

Roberto Rosa Trujillo, President of Elements of Living PR is convinced by the robustness and reliability of the CAT and Olympian generators, confidently recommending them to his customers based on his satisfaction with the products as well as ongoing support from RIMCO.  

RIMCO helps Elements of Living PR reduce inventory costs by keeping a complete stock of parts needed for maintenance and ensuring prompt delivery.   

Energy Power Systems Australia distributes and supports CAT and Olympian power generators in Australia.

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