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Conergy Solar-Port available from Energy Matters

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Conergy Solar-Port comes complete with separate 6 metre long DC cables required for battery charging applications by solar power.

The cables can be connected to the battery terminals by using the incorporated battery clips.

Guidelines to set up the Solar-Port:

  • Place the Solar-Port in an upright position on a support or flat ground
  • Locate the metal support at the side of the Solar-Port, which is between the two solar modules
  • Fold out the support leg to an angle of 45°
  • Unlock the Solar-Port by pulling back the locking clasp
  • Slowly open the Solar-Port to form a single plane
  • Lean the Solar-Port unti backwards until it is firmly supported by the extended metallic support
  • To get the maximum power adjust the support leg position to direct the solar module surface directly towards sun. In an optimum position the sunlight must fall at a 90º angle to the surface of the solar module.

Making the electrical connection:

The 6 m long extension power cables supplied with the Solar- Port are fitted with battery clips. The battery clips installed make the connection of Solar-Port output to your 12V storage batteries fast and easy.

Please note that the cable provided is rated only for the solar current generated and not the battery short circuit current.

A protection fuse/circuit breaker is mandatory to protect the cable from melting as a result of an accidental battery short circuit.

Connect the black alligator clip to the battery negative terminal and red alligator clip to the battery positive terminal before connecting it to the solar panel.

The Conergy Solar-Port available from Energy Matters comes with two pin polarised plug and socket.

After the alligator clips are connected firmly to the correct battery terminals, connect the cable to the solar panels by simply pressing the male and female socket and plug together.

The two pin polarised power socket and plug are installed on the modules side and connected to the provided cable.

The above connection method is for fast temporary connections only. Conergy recommends permanent fixed connections to be made between Solar-Port and battery terminals to avoid disconnection and power arcs which can result in fire.

Protecting batteries:

The Conergy Solar-Port includes two 50W solar modules in parallel with peak power voltage of 17 volts and total peak current of 6 Amps. This voltage and current are suitable for general battery charging.

However charging requirements are different for different battery types. Sealed batteries and flooded cell batteries require different battery charging that cannot be controlled manually.

Connecting the Solar-Port directly to batteries can cause battery overcharge, especially if left connected for long periods of time. Overcharging batteries may result in permanent and unrecoverable damage to the battery.

To protect your battery from overcharging always use a solar regulator (charge controller) between the Solar-Port and the batteries.

A solar regulator will continuously check the battery terminal voltage and allow the battery to be charged only if it requires charging.

It automatically disconnects the battery from the Solar-Port when the battery is fully charged.

Conergy offers an extensive range of solar regulators, which can be used to charge different types of batteries.

A user manual is provided with the regulator. You can use Conergy SCC 10 regulator when charging batteries from the Solar-Port.

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