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The Deltapilot M pressure transmitter - protecting level measurement in wet environments

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article image The Deltapilot M pressure transmitter

The Deltapilot M pressure transmitter for level measurement of liquids, recently launched by Endress+Hauser, is specifically designed for ‘wet’ environments as found outdoors or in hygienic indoor applications.

‘Wet’ environments are present in all industries where regular process wash-downs or aseptic cleaning procedures are required. In cold media applications, like breweries and dairies, condensation occurs on all surfaces in contact with both the cold media and the external environment. Level measurement requires a connection to the outside environment to compensate for atmospheric pressure conditions, and so when using a conventional pressure transmitter in such applications, the moisture easily ingresses through this connection, causing measurement drift and ultimately device failure.

To address this issue, Endress + Hauser Australia developed the “condensation tight” pressure sensor technology, called CONTITE, and incorporated it into the design of the Deltapilot M. The sensors design allows for the compensation of atmospheric pressure, whilst preventing the ingress of moisture due either to plant maintenance or condensation.

The Deltapilot M (FMB50) pressure transmitters incorporate an integrated temperature sensor at the process connection of the CONTITE sensor, which compensates for rapidly changing process temperatures which causes inaccuracies with conventional oil-filled diaphragm seal sensors.

High-pressure wash downs and flooding have no detrimental impact due to the dual IP66 and IP68 rating of the stainless steel housing, and the Gore-tex breather filter that allows the housing to ‘breath’ without moisture ingress.

Available with the 4-20mA HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols, it is easily integrated into modern control systems. For hygienic applications Deltapilot M pressure transmitters have the necessary approvals such as FDA listed materials, surface roughness Ra<0.38, and 3.1B certification.

Rod, rope and compact versions provide the option to mount from the top, side or bottom of the vessel. Covering level measuring ranges from 100 mmH2O (10mbar) to 100 mH2O (10 bar), the sensor also can sustain pressure shocks of up to 4 MPa.

By using the CONTITE pressure sensor technology combined with the dual ingress protection ratings of IP66 and 68, Endress+Hauser‘s Deltapilot M pressure transmitter provides the best possible design to ensure longevity, reliability and accuracy of level measurements in ‘wet’ environments.

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