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Delivering reliable intelligence, Emona’s range of electronic test and measuring instruments are used in electronics design, manufacture, service and education.

Comprehensive solutions to suit your requirements Emona offers their popular oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies and spectrum analysers, through to multimeters and bench instruments.

Diverse brands and high performance electronic test instruments, including:
  • Rigol Technologies oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analysers
  • GW Instek oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analysers, power supplies
  • Aim-TTi function generators, spectrum analysers, power supplies
  • Pico Technology oscilloscopes
Intelligent electronic test instruments, Emona’s range includes:
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Differential Oscilloscopes
  • PicoScope PC Based Oscilloscopes, Oscium iOS Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analysers
  • Data Acquisition, Data Loggers, Gage-Applied Digitizers
  • Logic Analysers, Multimeters, LCR Meters, Arbitrary Generators, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Pulse Generators, Vector Network Analyser, Spectrum Analysers, Milli-Ohm Meter, Micro-Ohm Meter
  • DC Electronic Loads, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Linear Power Supplies, Programmable Power Supplies, AC Power Supplies, AC Power Sources
  • ATE Systems, Circuit Board Test Systems, Functional Test Systems, Cable & Harness Testing, Production Safety Testers, Hi-Pot Testers,
  • Device Programmers
  • Biomedical Testers, Vital Signs Simulator, AS/NZS3551 Appliance Testers, NBIP Simulator, SPO2 Simulator, Infusion Pump Analyser, Defibrillator Analyser, Electrosurgical Diathermy Analyser
  • Calibrators, AC/DC Multifunction Calibrators, Temperature Calibrators, Process Calibrators, Resistance Decade Boxes, Inductance Decade Boxes, Capacitance Decade Boxes
Reputation and experience since 1979, Emona Instruments offers a leading range of electronic test and measuring instruments.

Supplying reliable solutions from offices nationwide, Emona Instruments technical engineers offer professional advice and demonstrations to ensure you receive the right product for your requirements. Emona Instruments information and contact details


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