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Emona launches new test and tag system

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Emona Instruments introduces the new Seaward ProTag Elite test and tag system in the Australian market.

One of Australia’s most advanced testing and tagging and asset inspection management systems, the Seaward ProTag Elite tests portable appliances and RCDs, records asset photographs and inspections, prints Elite UV and harsh environment resistant test tags and downloads all test results, asset photos and inspections to the asset management software.

Comprising of the Seaward PrimeTest Elite appliance and RCD tester, ProTag Elite test tag printer, bar code scanner and PATGuard Elite 3 asset management software, the ProTag Elite system provides a highly flexible testing and tagging solution thanks to its portability.

The PrimeTest Elite carries out all the tests required under AS/NZS3760 for appliances and leads, as well as 30mA RCD tests. Also operating as a handheld asset inspection system by allowing asset photographs to be taken using the in-built camera with flash, which enables users to record any type of test, inspection or risk assessment with their own user-defined inspection routines, the PrimeTest Elite eliminates the need to carry a separate tablet or laptop for recording the results of non-electrical inspections and risk assessments.

Advanced features of the PrimeTest Elite also include compact QWERTY keypad, high definition colour display, USB for data upload/download, inbuilt isolation transformer and a huge on-board memory that stores 50,000 assets and 2,000 asset photographs. The system is fully protected by the impact-resistant transit case supplied as part of the kit. 

Each component in the Optima system is battery powered providing maximum portability and guaranteeing greater efficiency, huge time savings and lower cost per test in diverse environments including construction sites, workshops or factories.

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