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Euro Engineer Keith Armstrong to present EMC training courses

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Compliance with EMC (and other) standards is a regulatory requirement in most countries including Australia (C-tick), Europe (CE Marking), the USA (FCC) and Japan (VCCI). Products can’t be sold until compliance has established.

Moreover, contractual requirements and tender specifications often have extensive requirements for EMC compliance. Failure to comply can result in heavy costs due to delays and malfunctions, not to mention the loss of reputation and good will.

The recent problems reported in the media about malfunctioning speed detection cameras and Sydney’s train systems highlights the importance of proper EMC and high reliability design.

Euro-engineer Keith Armstrong will be visiting Australia and New Zealand during February and April to present a series of EMC courses to industry and the public, sponsored by EMC Technologies .

The courses will be presented in each capital city around Australia, plus Auckland and Christchurch, and will be presented in convenient modules ranging from introductory to advanced level. EMC says that the courses all use “plain English and simple mathematics to describe practical methods proven to have great benefits for quickly achieving EMC at low cost”. There will be an emphasis on emerging EMC and signal integrity design challenges associated with the latest types of ICs and co-located wireless data communications.

“In our experience, designers and engineers need practical solutions, not Maxwell’s Equations,” explains Chris Zombolas of EMC Technologies. “We guarantee a full refund if not satisfied with Keith’s excellent EMC courses.”

Armstrong will also be a guest speaker at an IE Aust. EMC Society meeting where he will be presenting a controversial paper on professional audio systems showing how the use of modern EMC techniques can improve functional performance whilst saving cost and time, challenging some traditional pro-audio practices.

The courses include “Designing for EMC”, “Advanced PCB design for EMC and Signal Integrity”, “EMC techniques for electrical and mechanical design and assembly” and “EMC for Functional Safety and High-Reliability Systems”.

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