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Electromagnetic radiation and emission measurements from EMC Services

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EMC Services  is a company which specialises in products related to electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic emissions measurement, electromagnetic fields. EMC Services also offers consultancy services in Australia. From base knowledge to engineering services, EMC Services provides various services.

EMC Services is accredited to AS/NZS 2772.1 and NATA. This company has its headquarters in Sydney and it operates throughout Australia. It also offers its services and products in Hong Kong, Tasmania, UK, Finland and so on.

EMC Services also offers survey, design, specification, investigation and measurement related services in medical, telecommunication, broadcasting, military, power, transport and other sectors. EMC Services also offers the testing and engineering services in the above mentioned industries.

EMC Services employs qualified and experienced engineers especially for sensitive work such as EME prediction, advice and measurement. The engineers from EMC Services deal with EME/EMR standards and are a part of the EME/EMR standards committee. Many of the engineers hold a position of a chairman or a secretary in these committees.

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