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LPFK ProtoLaser U multipurpose tool for laser processing available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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article image The LPFK ProtoLaser U multipurpose tool

The new ProtoLaser U multipurpose tool has been introduced by German laser specialists LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, represented by Embedded Logic Solutions . This multipurpose tool has been designed for the UV laser machining of different materials. The ProtoLaser U multipurpose tool has a compact design and is available at cost effective rates.

Although ProtoLaser U looks similar to its twin, the LPKF ProtoLaser S, the hood hides a different laser source with special features of its own. With the ProtoLaser U’s UV laser system, it can cut, drill and structure almost any kind of material. Whilst the ProtoLaser S and its infrared laser is perfect for the structuring of printed circuit boards, the ProtoLaser U’s can be used for micromachining applications.

For instance, the LPKF ProtoLaser U can depanel individual PCBs from a large printed circuit board in a stress-free and precise process. It can also cut LTCC and prepregs, drill holes and microvias, structure TCO/ITO layers, and open up solder masks. The high pulse energy of the UV laser causes ablation without leaving behind any residues. The result is the formation of contours with accurate geometries. The integrated vacuum table holds flexible and thin substrates safely and firmly in place.

The laser process is controlled by the integrated CircuitCAM software. Optimal parameters are archived for numerous applications. The special operating mode enables the predefined production processes to be delegated to staff with only a superficial knowledge of laser processing, whilst the experienced operators can make use of the whole spectrum of UV laser technology.

The LPKF ProtoLaser U is compact and laboratory-optimised. It is perfect for prototyping and the production of mini-series. The working area measures 229 x 305 millimetres and it only needs one plug socket.

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