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Elliotts offer an extensive range of Specialists Safety Apparel manufactured to protect you in all conditions. Whether working outdoors, indoors, or in confined spaces, Elliotts will have the right welding protection you need.

ArcSafe Switching and Flame Retardant Workwear
  • ArcSafe Switching: Arc Flash Switching Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Hoods and Gloves
  • Zetel ArcSafe Wet Weather: ArcSafe Wet Weather Jackets and Trousers
  • Tecsafe plus FR ArcSafe Workwear: Lightweight Inherent FR Workwear
  • Walls FR ArcSafe Workwear: Treated FR Cotton Workwear
  • Firefighting Apparel: Hard Working firefighting Safety Gear
Made from durable materials to ensure optimal protection in extreme conditions
Elliott's Specialist Safety Apparel is manufactured using materials designed to offer the highest possible protection. The Elliotts Specialist Apparel range has been tested to ensure that the garments perform at their optimum levels in all extreme situations.
  • Tecasafe Plus - TenCate Tecasafe®  plus is engineered to provide unbeatable electric arc and flash fire protection that lasts longer than FR treated cotton fabrics. Tecasafe® plus is a soft and lightweight fabric providing unmatched comfort with inherent protection will never wash or wear out.
  • Walls FR - Walls® FR fabrics provides flame resistance that is guaranteed for the life of the garment without sacrificing the soft breathable comfort of cotton. That’s because it’s 88% cotton, with 12% high-tenacity nylon which provides extra garment durability for an excellent value equation.
  • Zetel ArcSafe - Elliotts ZETEL® ArcSafe is a three layer, flame retardant, anti-static, durable, breathable, waterproof and windproof fabric. ZETEL® ArcSafe offers electric arc flash protection of HRC2 (ATPV 11)
Elliotts Specialist Safety Gear offers the highest protection to workers in extreme conditions, Elliotts is also able to offer custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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