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New Raspberry Pi board adds connectivity and power features to enable more complex projects

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element14 Pty Ltd announces the launch of the new Raspberry Pi B+ boards in the market.

Featuring more sensors, accessories and features than before, the new Raspberry Pi board allows users to increase the complexity and scale of their projects.

Advanced power management and enhanced connectivity make it possible to power four USB accessories such as a 2.5 inch hard drive through the device. Up to 1.2A can be delivered to the USB ports to connect power-hungry devices and accessories without needing mains power or an external USB hub.

The 40-pin extended GPIO in the new Raspberry Pi board will allow even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards to be added to the board, enabling users to build bigger and better Raspberry Pi projects. The first 26 pins remain identical to the original Raspberry Pi Model B for 100% backward compatibility.

Claire Doyle, global head of Raspberry Pi at element14, the leading distributor of the credit-card sized computer observes that the new Raspberry Pi B+ marks the first major redesign of what has been one of the standout tech products in the last few years. Having experienced the board’s capability in driving amazing designs, users can now expect the B+ model to push the boundaries of innovation to create larger and more complex projects.

Based on the same Broadcom BCM2835 Chipset and 512MB of RAM as the previous model, Raspberry Pi B+ is powered by micro USB with AV connections through HDMI or a new four-pole connector replacing the existing analogue audio and composite video ports. The SD card slot has been replaced with a micro-SD, tidying up the board design and helping to protect the card from damage. The B+ board also now uses less power (600mA) than the Model B board (750mA) when running.

According to Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading, the B+ has massive potential to push the boundaries and drive further innovation with its new features. Eben Upton will be joining an element14 webinar to introduce the new Raspberry Pi B+ on 31 July 2014. 

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